Jambo /Aloha /Bonjour /Guten Tag /Bon dia /Goeie more /Molweni /Mbote / Buenos dias/ Shalom /Salam alaikum /Nín hǎo / Namaste and finally Hello.

Jambo Flavour African Festival was born out of the desire to see Africans of all colours and nations celebrating their cultures and treasures and especially their talents as artist, musicians, authors, healers, chefs and designers. We see the diversity of Africans as the wealth of the continent.

Our vision is to unite Africa through festivity and celebration. We believe that the multicultural diversity is the spice of Africa. The African culture is celebrated throughout the world with festivals in Zurich, Chicago, Quebec and other cities which is great-our aim is to make those kind of festivals available to Africans on their own homeland.We are based in Cape Town.

Jambo Flavour African Festival will celebrate different  African events.

The world needs the barriers to fall and the world to celebrate as one.

Private catering is offered by the team


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Jambo Flavour African Festival

Jambo/Aloha/Welcome to our new website where we will be sharing all the upcoming exciting events we will be producing.

Our catering department under Jonas Junior Bolenga is now in full swing. Private catering events are our speciality.

Please join our facebook-jamboflavour- page to stay updated as the events are constantly being updated.